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There's only one thing that makes a great beer better: the perfect meal.

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Our vision began with the beer, but our love of great food runs deep. Jamestown Brewing Company will feature a full menu of delicious choices to complement your beer. Stay tuned!


Chautauqua Bru

German-Style Pilsner
card image
dial svg image 5% ABV
hops svg image 28 IBU
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Foundry Alley

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dial svg image 5.6% ABV
hops svg image 33 IBU
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River Swine

Pale Ale
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dial svg image 5.5% ABV
hops svg image 40 IBU
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Liquid Tension

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dial svg image 6.5% ABV
hops svg image 55 IBU
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Brown Ale
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dial svg image 4.5% ABV
hops svg image 20 IBU
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Enjoy The Tradition

Beer Is Humanity's Oldest Social Tradition, 
And One Of Our Proudest.

11,500 years ago, beer gave birth to agriculture. Maybe. All we know is that in the Neolithic Period, a hero of a hunter-gatherer found you could ferment your grains and lighten your head. Made it much easier to bond with your fellow hunter-gatherers, too, helping to lay the foundation for civilization.